Monday, April 21, 2008

Monterey - SB

Holy toledo I was tired this morning! But our host housing had free passes to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and we couldn't pass up that opportunity. Not a chance! In all the years I have come out here to race the Sea Otter Classic I have never gone to the aquarium until today.

Saw my favorite animal

An otter pop shot

Saw a cool display of jellies

Then it hit me like a mack truck.....I was exhausted from walking for an hour in the aquarium and I was DONE. A big race the day before will do that shat to ya. You can see the exhaustion on my face in front of the otters. I wanted out and I was ready to LEAVE!!!!!

So we got a coffee where we met a the cutest little doggie named Fendy Fender that was happier than all heck to see a complete stranger. I love that!

Then it was packing time for our big journey down the coast highway to our next destination, Santa Barbara.

I was so tired the entire drive down that I couldn't even get out and enjoy the view areas so I sat and viewed what I could each time.

Then I got so hungry that we had to pull over NOW for food. Plus, seeing all that fish this morning in the aquarium made me want to eat some.

We got to Santa Barbara safe and sound by nightfall.

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