Thursday, June 5, 2008

As planned we headed towards Vail but decided at the last minute to go to Fruita, CO just for our ride. Plan A was to go to Vail to pre-ride the XC course but it was nuking there so halfway there we headed for Fruita.

We picked up a passenger along the way too that was apparently sick of flying. Chris and I are going to rock/paper/scissors for who gets to remove it.

It was decent in Fruita (60 degrees and overcast) and we got to see a 3’ long 3” thick yellow and greenish (what we think was a) Bull Snake sitting right in the line we had been taking up a rock wall. Oh my! I got the camera out to snap it but the weather changed drastically for the worse at that moment and we had to go!! So I got poured on once again (2nd day in a row now) and was still sopping by the time I got back to the car but this time had a chance to escape before it entered my shoes…but it was on its way!

Saw this little munchkin too (in the center of the photo):

From Fruita we drove in the driving rain and saw a rapidly running CO River as we headed to Vail, CO. There we met up with our roomies, 2 girl Trail Running and Marathon athletes that are faster than fast. One having been on a Worlds Team and the other who is a regular at the front in both Marathons and Trail Running. It was cool to swap stories with them and to discover how it is to train for a whole different discipline. Pretty enlightening and very interesting. We are all athletes after the same things, living life, racing, same highs, same lows…but just different sports. Pretty cool.

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