Thursday, June 12, 2008

This and That

I got in another nice and windy ride today. It was really nice out though so I didn't mind the wind. Plus, just to be home and settled for a little bit is such a nice thing right now!

Had a picture sent to me rolling back through the field after my flat at the Teva Games:

Oh, and my beloved pillow that I left in Vail came back to me in the mail today if you can believe it. Geez. I finally left something behind after all these years of traveling and never losing anything. Well, I take that back, I still have some Michelin AT's that are MIA. Think they are in Boston or Quebec somewhere. But not a bad history for me losing things really considering how much I am on the road.

And, I just learned from my mom who serves as my news source now and again that the tomato salmonella outbreak started happening in the New Mexico area while I was there at the Tour of the Gila Race. Maybe that explains the mysterious illness (that matches up with the symptoms of Salmonella perfectly) that I had for a week right after I got back from there. I was calling it "food poisoning" at the time but now??? Hmmm?? Eyebrow raiser for sure since I eat tomatoes daily.

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