Sunday, July 13, 2008

NY to MA

We drove back from Windham, NY to Boston today after packing for what seemed like ages...........Sara and I don't make much of a pair these days being that she is broken too. We are both a bunch of gimps just trying to get through a day on our own without soliciting help from others is all.

Safe driving at its finest:

Back in Boston Michael, Sara's hub-bub, was waiting to take us out to ice cream since I went to the hospital yesterday. Nice chocolate drippage:

Taken before I spilled melted ice cream all over my cast/splint:

Sara got a SMALL. What does a large look like for heavens sake?

Then of course Sara couldn't resist taunting the loose chickens. But it got back at her when it let out a loud "BAH-CAH!!!!!!" and scared the daylights out of her.

I made arrangements to leave tomorrow for Utah at the crack of 6am to see my doctor on Tuesday.

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