Monday, July 21, 2008

Time to Take Care of This

No, I am not doing that with my fingers on purpose. That is just the way my hand sits now in a relaxed state since my bones are all broken. And that is exactly why I need surgery - because trying to grip a bike handlebar with that mess of a hand would be pretty interesting.

I had the best surgery time ever at 10:45am. I slept in at home, woke up, took my time getting ready and then headed down to TOSH with Chris. Once at the hospital, Chris threw me to the curb with the intention of picking me up after I was done getting all cut up and after he was done with work.

Step 1 - make the correction for the THIRD time letting them know that the surgery is for my LEFT hand, not my RIGHT. Wouldn't THAT be just great?!

Step 2 - I will let you guess what it was

Step 3 - Have the nurses poke me 5 times to get a line going. I was their toughest patient ever to get a line on, they all THREE agreed. Something about the toughness of my healthy skin vs. a little old ladies tissue like skin that made it so difficult for them. But I will tell you... nothing is better than having a needle jabbed in you and then having them explore with it (moving it around while its in your vein) trying to get blood out. That just feels awesome, but all in all I felt like that was going to be the least of my worries today so I didn't raise a fuss; what good does that do anyway? They are trying their best already and there is no sense getting them on edge!

Step 4 - get walked directly into what seemed like a movie set (the operating room) with big bright lights, sterile, white walls. The trays were there, the Rn's there, the Anesthesiologist was ready to rumble, the PA was on top of things, my Hand Surgeon was ready; they were just waiting for me to walk in and plop my self down in a supine position on the OR table. It was eerie and weird because at that point I wasn't even close to being sedated and I am walking into the place that they are going to be slicing me up in. I think I would have rather not even seen the OR because it brought everything to reality.

Step 5 - listen to the Anesthesiologist tell me I may feel a sting in my line as the anesthesia drug goes in (are people that wussy??)

Step 6 - look up to see a thick white substance that looks extremely powerful headed for my veins in my line.

Step 7 - ......going......going.....BAM- its black just like that in under 10 seconds

Step 8 - get two plates in my hand

Step 9 - secure the plates with 12 screws

Step 10 - 1.5 hours later wake up to a nurse complaining about cyclists on the road. Sorry guys, I wasn't in the mood to defend us but I mustered up this instead.

Step 11 - wait, listen, get instructions on what to do next, get un-groggy

Step 11 - FREEDOM!

Step 12 - Buh Bye

Step 13 - Head directly to Quiznos Subs since it was 5 pm and I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything since midnight the night 17 hours of nothing. But if you look closely at my face you can see the Percoset has made an impact

Step 14 - Back home getting stuff done

My hand is number than numb right now but as this wears off I am gonna be feeling it I am certain!

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