Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tour of Utah - Day 4

Today the boys went from Park City, UT through Heber City on to end the day at Snowbird Mountain Resort. I think that is about 100 miles.

Here are the race leaders coming down into Heber City.

And the follow cars:

There was good gap after the race leaders and this random car snuck in between the leaders and the chase group (you can see the chase group in the background). That group was probably going 60mph down this hill towards him too!!! It was so scary!!! My husband and I YELLED at the guy to get out of the way numerous times as we watched the peloton approaching at a high rate of speed. There was NO room for error. This guy HAD TO PULL OVER NOW or there was going to be the worst crash ever. So frightening. The guy got the picture FINALLY and pulled over just barely in time. I was sick to my stomach after that one. Road racing can be so frightening sometimes!

And the peloton comes through SAFELY

These guys were going so fast heading towards the other side of the valley that Chris and I driving the backroads barely made it the other side to see them. We had about 5 seconds to spare when we stopped the car. These guys were hauling on there way towards Provo Canyon!

They roll by with Timp in the background.

A support vehicle.

And another with gorgeous views too!

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