Friday, September 19, 2008

Fort Steilacoom Course - Lakewood, WA

My mom did the most evil thing in the world to me the day before my race.

This donut came from a mom and pop business that has been sitting in the same location since I was one year old. They haven't ever remodeled the place and it's still a big triangle shaped building that is orange, silver, and black. But they simply make the best secret recipe donut that I have ever had in my life.

And, as bad as donuts are for you, I still had to have a sliver of this fresh out of the oven, 1000 calorie, (probably PHO too) bit from heaven. And oh my tasted just like I remembered.

Got to see my best friend today with her new baby too. We went to preschool together and she still lives just down the road from my parents making it fun to go home and visit!

She and I grew up playing soccer on these fields at Fort Steilacoom Park in Lakewood, WA so it will be strange to be back on Sunday racing my bike as a full fledged adult now (one could argue this point).

I road the cross course today too. Here is the run up they have in it. Something about the longest, steepest run up in the US? I would believe it! You start at the pavement that is way down in the trees in this picture, dismount at high speed and in one fell swoop grab your down tube and shoulder your bike for a hellish run up to the top. I am not even standing at the top in this picture! OWE.

Here is the dismount area.

Then you run up this lovely hill.

And the lake that is in the venue area.

Next up tomorrow is my first cross race since my hand surgery. Yikes!

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