Friday, September 26, 2008

Hectic! NV to WI

Got up early, return rental car, get shuttle to airport, fly to WI, pick up shuttle at airport, rent car, throw stuff in, navigate my own way from Chicago to Milwaukee (2 hour drive) while eating a salad ( should have seen THIS one...I thought I would get pulled over for drunk driving or something), arrive in Milwaukee, get settled, shower, bed.

Sleep 11 solid hours, sit and catch up with life for 3 hours (computer/phone), build bikes, get a tour of Milwaukee on my bike, stretch, dinner, DONE.

Alex, Velo Bella Manager and Tour Guide. Goodness he knows a lot of dang facts about Milwaukee! Either that or he was blowing smoke.

Lake Michigan

Sailboats in Lake M.

It is beautiful and hot here right now in Milwaukee. Races tomorrow and Sunday!

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