Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I was Itching

to leave since I have been home for almost 2 months now which is far too long for any bike racer to stay put without going nuts. Plus Chris wanted to surf so we loaded up and took off for the land of Santa Barbara. This was supposed to be my off season time anyway if I hadn't gotten broken so we decided to go somewhere despite that in efforts not to let my broken parts derail our lives much more than they already have. Plus the training here rules!

Photo Courtesy of Frank Ritter Photography

Photo Courtesy of Frank Ritter Photography

On our way out we got to see Bob and gang after they raced in Brianhead, UT for dinner as we passed through to CA. That was good timing and quite a coincidence that it worked out. It was good to see everyone and hear all those wild and crazy race stories from the weekend. I miss those!

Continued on to Vegas after dinner and hit the buffets in the morning. Chris tried to make me look piggy by pushing all the plates towards me as he placed a banana in front of himself. Thanks.

Then it was off to finish the final drive to CA. It didn't start out well though...I think we got 15 whole miles in a hour do to Labor Day traffic. But we found some random road that let us bypass all the traffic thank heavens. Seek and you shall find!

Made a quick stop at Starbucks in the middle of nowhere........but they had a Starbucks of course. Chris is addicted to Green Tea Lattes thanks to me. Whoops.

And upon arrival into SB we checked it at our buddies and then headed straight for the beach! Chris brought all of his Kite Boarding gear and is eager to practice up a storm.

Doggy needed shady

Harriet from NY and I watching Chris get yanked around by his kite.

Photo Courtesy of Frank Ritter Photography

And now I am sitting here watching this random white cat that has broken into our friends back yard trying to pounce on the beloved birds (note the bird house below the cat!). Oh dear.

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