Monday, November 3, 2008

It Takes A Village

There is some good meaning to that phrase especially when it pertains to getting my buns back to Heber City, UT from Boulder, CO.

I flew to Boulder and had a car ride all set up to get home since its only about a 7-8 hour drive. But, at the last second that person couldn't make the drive out and I was stuck! Now, there are certainly worse places to be stuck and it wasn't like I was in Antarctica or something so I wasn't too worried. More annoyed with the fact that I got to deal with all the logistics of trying to find a ride home the entire race weekend. That is stuff you like to have wrapped up BEFORE you go to the races so you can use all energies for the race but, stuff happens and you roll with it.

So after disrupting....hmmmm....let's, two, three, no...four, five .....yeah about 7 or 8 peoples lives, I found a ride home. And it wasn't as easy as one might think because I had my double bike case, my bag, 2 bikes and me! That is a lot of shiz to fit in ones car given that two crossers can fully pack a car no problem-o and everyone had already made their own plans with their own stuff and own friends.

But luckily I had some help from my own person travel coordinators consisting of Art, Kevin, and Mike. They wasted more time than I did trying to figure out how I was going to get home which was so incredibly nice of them!!! So with half my stuff in Chris Pietrzak's trailer and me with the U-23 boyz, (Mitch P and Rob Squire) I found a way back to Utah. And of course, the boyz had to ditch a wheel box on Art and crew in order to fit me in their car. Good lord. What a cluster-y mess for everyone.

And let's just say it was an adventure getting home with da boyz; we almost didn't make it.

When we noticed we needed gas it was too late and we were in the middle of nowhere. That is super bad! So in a total bike racers style, we had to peeve a couple truckers off and draft them going 50 in a 65 to conserve as much fuel as possible. Mitch kept saying that he'd never run it this low before and we began making plans for who got to ride their bike to the gas station when we ran out. But it didn't come to that and we aren't sure how.

I really need to give a HUGE shout out to Art, Kevin, Mike, Chris P, Mitchell, Robby and everyone else who was in on the madness of getting my arse home. Thanks so much you guys! They all coordinated everything, were so nice about it and just rolled with the punches.



Art said...

Glad to have you back in Zion. Plus we made some $$$ selling Mitchells wheel bag!

EthanBazGoulet said...

My Dad is really sorry about leaving you high and dry with no ride home, glad you made it back though.


Man Ethan your vocabulary is fabulous at the ripe age of what.....9 weeks??

Very impressive.

Tell your dad that I hope he is feeling better again so he can come shred the Heber Valley this weekend.