Thursday, November 13, 2008

Morning Person?

For some reason I am still on East Coast time. Probably because I seem to be spending a fair amount of time racing there these days. But right now that means I am getting up at the crack and going to be early which is not me at all. But it has it's benefits though like getting to see the sun rise over Timp outside my window while drinking a cup of jo.

So for some reason it took me 10 years to pack for the east coast yesterday. That is odd considering I was already packed from Boulder. How in the heck does that happen? I got the 2 bikes broken down in the bike case all zipped up in 45 minutes too which I was so proud of. I will shoot for a better time next time around. As you can see, everything is a race with me. Maybe its the only way to keep something that is not so fun for me, fun and challenging.

I flew to Baltimore, MD today (good thing I am still on that east coast time zone eh?) and our team mechanic, Morgan picked me up and took me to the holy history land of Gettysburg, PA where he and his family live. I have been here a whole four hours and am already learning the name of the different generals and getting a history lesson bar none. I need a brush up on my history BAD and what a better place to do it.

Off to Trenton, NJ tomorrow where I may get a course preview if we get there before it gets dark at 4pm. Grrrrrr - that is way to early for darkness!

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Anonymous said...

beautful picture! I'm with you on the grrrrr....I can't stand how dark it gets so early.