Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tough Cookie

I have to admit that this weekend has seemed super duper long. With no travel at all to the race this weekend I am getting a ton done around the house for once. It is about time!

So I get this card in the mail from my mom the other day and it says "I fell and banged up my knee and bruised my face. I lost control of my walker while trying to get the 21" TV on it - had to tackle it before it hit a parked car."

Isn't there something insanely wrong with that sentence?

walker?? TV?? tackle?? All those words just don't belong in the same sentence...... ever. I can chuckle at this because she is ok.

But the thing is SHE keeps asking ME where I get all my drive, toughness, determination from?

Geez. I wonder.

I miss my parents but will see them at the end of the month! Maybe I can return the TV for her. My goodness. These kids.


Utah Mnt biker said...

I guess next time I need a couch moved I'll call you and your mom!


That gave me a good chuckle.