Friday, December 12, 2008

UT to KS

After a long week of dad first being put in one nursing home, then sent off to the ER again on Monday, and then back to another nursing home Tuesday....and mom having a successful removal of her tumor/cyst on Wed. I have actually decided to make the trip to KS for Nationals.

Everyone at this point is stable although that certainly didn't happen magically. A LOT of things had to fall into place including my sanity which I am still waiting for. So I say everyone is stable but really its everyone except me it seems. And because of that, this weekend in KS is either going to be a complete success or a complete bust. Not sure which.

So I got to KS today and the roads are bare and dry....a bit different from last years snow storm weather. Bart and Matt O were on my flight out. Always nice to see familiar faces around!

It is pretty warm here (50's) right now but I am getting the drift that things can change here at the drop of a hat. Some saying that goes like "Don't like the weather in Kansas? Then wait 20 minutes."

Hmmm...maybe I should put the camera down eh?

My awesome host family (Mike, Beth, Elise and James) were ready for me and totally welcoming yet again this year. They are simply the best and are such a great family. Mike and Elise (13) are tandem extraordinaries and are planning on a 40 mile ride tomorrow together. The wind is supposed to be howling and so they are getting shuttled way far away from here to enjoy the wind at their backs all the way home.

Hey coach, will you let me do that on my next ride? Please pleeeeeeeeease??

What the?

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