Saturday, January 10, 2009

Java Cow - Park City, UT

Tonight we got together with our wonderful friends, Keith and David, from Tennessee and local Park City shop owners of Java Cow, Ken and Marcie. Great people - great fun!

In Java Cow on Main Street PC they had THE BEST tees. Ever heard of the "Life is Good" tees? These "Life is Crap" tees are a play off of those.

Here is a just a small sample of what they had in store:

Can you spare a square?

Oh lordy I know this one!

And this one...

If you can't read it, this one says "My ex's house" on it

Those were good for a good laugh that is for sure.


Anonymous said...

i like the snow bike one. i did the same manuver the other day...

flahute said...

That last tee is almost true for me ... why my ex-wife doesn't live in a McMansion, she still has "our" house, whilst I'm stuck in a tiny little 640 sq.ft. apartment.


It could be worse ... at least I have a mortgage on my apartment, rather than just paying rent.


If you are anything like us, for our smaller house we are psyched having such a ridiculously low monthly mortgage payment in these tough times right now.