Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sliced and Diced

I wish I was talking about vegetables but instead I am talking about my body. No, I didn't eat it again on the bike (shocker right?) but I did go in to the Dermatologist for a simple routine check up (for nothing in particular I might add). Just figured that I haven't seen a Derm in about a decade and given what I do with my life, it might be a good idea.

And before I could introduce myself to the doctor, out comes the blowtorch, knives, and needles suddenly surrounding me like a bad habit. As he was cutting and blow torching every limb of my body, I told him that I really didn't sign up for this today!

Before I knew it I was walking out of there looking like a mummy with bandages all over. Ok, so I am exaggerating but I did walk out of there pretty dumbfounded at all that had just gone down in the last 20 minutes.

A simple CHECK UP hugh? Not so much.

A trip to our beautiful Yoga Studio, Lotus Leaf Yoga in Heber was definitely in the cards after this one. And while there we all got a good chuckle with local Heber-ite, Pete, who was kind enough to exhibit what a true Heber Yogi looks like.

Please note the cowboy boots and the flannel accompanied by a very nice freshly cleaned yoga mat (with tea tree oil of course) and the latest edition of Yoga Magazine. Pete was chuckling too on this one.

But, really, you should see this guy do a shoulder stand. Amazing. I can't even come close (it requires "melting your heart" which is just the opposite of what you do in cycling with your nice humpback that you acquire). I am determined to get there though. But this one, my friends may take some serious time as the muscles needed to do a shoulder stand seem to be less than developed from WAY too much time on two wheels.

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