Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Heber to Trukee, CA

For the first time in many years the drive out to Reno was a mess. It was snowing all the way from Heber across Nevada.

Starting the drive:

The Wasatch Back:


Well, ok, it didn’t’ snow the last 50 miles or so heading into Reno and it didn't so for a moment out of the big SLC but the rest of the way was yucky.

Toole was nice though

And we could see the ever so great Salt Lake

Crazy cell towers

Then we hit the weather. Ooh wee. Wow. Not so fun. The "sun" roof of the car not looking too sunny here.

The weather got so bad in Elko, NV that we thought chains were going to be necessary but we got through it ok without them. Snow could be seen out the window all across Nevada:

Patches of snow drift and thick dense fog that would suddenly jump out at you around a corner were flat out frightening but we made it in one piece and still made pretty darn good time actually….8.5 hours to Truckee, CA.

The car was so covered in salt that we had to get a car wash immediately upon arriving:

We stayed the night at our buddies, Fatty and Nina’s house there; they just built their beautiful home and it is something else I tell you! I caught the guys watching American Idol all by their lonesome. Hee hee.

Unfortunately my night once we got to Truckee was riddled with phone calls with nothing but bad news.

At 88 lbs. my mom is in the hospital again. She has the infection back again FOR THE 5TH TIME NOW. She is not eating, not hungry, can’t keep anything down and cannot swallow. In the 10 minutes that we spoke (she was too weak to speak longer) she told me to be prepared because her body is shutting down. Not words that you want to hear EVER. I hung up the phone and had what I believe was an anxiety attack. Never had one so I don’t know if that what it was but I was hyperventilating as if I was in a race. It was so scary but I could’ve cared less about that…..I am slowly losing both my parents (dad to dementia and mom who's body wants to quit) and it is the hardest thing I have ever had to go through.

The rest of the evening to include the better part of the night was spent crying and worrying. And I wonder why I am not performing up to my own standards on the bike right now? What a joke. Who am I kidding? I guess I have to be happy with what I CAN do out there right now because its is probably a miracle that I am even remotely competitive.

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