Monday, April 13, 2009

Parental Woes

I always have to laugh because yesterday (Easter) is a day that most families pile together into the car all dressed up, drink mimosa's, fill their bellies with fresh omelettes and satisfy the brunch craving.

Then there is what I did today.... got on my bike, alone, in my underwear, drank Heed and filled my belly with Hammer Bars and satisfied the need for endorphins. And I really would have it no other way. Yes, a brunch sounds great too but there will be time for that eventually I hope.

So yeah, the day started off funny because I thought I saw an Easter bunny out my back door. Wouldn't shock me, we do have wildlife around but it turns out it was just the neighbors white chihuahua that I didn't know they had. I guess if I was actually home ever I would know these things.

After that though the day quickly took a turn for the worse with one phone call. I was dressed in my cycling gear and ready to leave the house for my first hard training session and I just knew I should answer the phone. I am glad I did (although sometimes I do think to myself "Can't a girl catch a break already, I just want to train without dealing!!!"). Yes, my parents are at it again. Mom was off to the hospital with a possible infection, dehydration, loss of appetite, fatigue, etc.

Happy Easter right?

After that one, I needed some time to sit, stew and think and what a better place....the bike. But before I jumped on I think I got a physical sign for the first time of what is actually going on in my body even though I feel "normal". When I got off the phone I walked over to my bike, and my heart rate was 125 bpm without making one pedal stroke!! I didn't even feel anxious or anything either. I may have found my silent killer right there.

I am going to have to somehow learn how to cope with all this happening all the time. Need to control how I react to it right? So I did that by putting all the negative energy into ripping it up and it felt sooooo good.

Got a good pic out of it too. Hey, I am looking for ANYTHING that will put a smile on my face these days.

The day did end on a pleasant note though that they released mom from the hospital. Not sure why they did either but am happy to see that maybe the need wasn't entirely there for her to stay the night? Let's hope.


Rhonda said...

Hi Kathy,
Im right there with you, my parents have their issues going on as well. You are in my prayers and yes, what a great way to stave away the sadness! Ride a bike I say!

Danielle said...

I'm glad your mom is back out of the hospital! GOOD LUCK AT SEA OTTER!!!!


Thanks Danielle. We all miss you!!!


Rhonda- SO SORRY to hear about you dealing with this stuff too. It is NOT easy. My thoughts and prayers (never have I prayed so much in my life!) are VERY with you.