Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sea Otter Short Track - Monterey, CA

Today was an extremely busy day for most teams as Saturday is the busiest day at the Otter. For our team it was first a photo shoot for and then we were signing autographs right up until we had to jump on the bikes and start warming up for our first Short Track race of the season.

The MonaVie girls came over with samples and spilled them on our table. We thought that the bloody look on the table was pretty sweet and tough looking so we just left it.

So the race...even though I got my buns handed to me (came in 15th??) I was happy with how things went believe it or not. Most importantly I was happy with how I felt out there. I felt good despite the final number of 15 not showing that. This is the very first Sea Otter Short Track race that I have done in 8 years where I felt good during Short Track. Apparently I am a slow learner on this one because I finally figured out the magic formula after all these years. I honestly would have been bummed if I had felt like junk and placed what I placed because I am just so happy to have figured out what to do and not to do in order to feel good at this particular race.

So yeah, slow start + bumbled the first section in the back trying not to get caught in the mayhem of mishifts, chain suck, and dropped chains = hang on for dear life and hope for the best the rest of the race. Bottom line was that I was consistent out there and felt good and for that I am happy. And really, what is better than being able to ask John Tomac (who spectated the event) for DH advice afterwards? Always need advice no matter what your level!

As for the rest of the team, Colin killed it for 9th today. Not bad for a such a young pup. Heather worked through her injury in her first race back since it happened. Andy fought hard and landed in 14th. Amanda battled it out for a successful 19th.

And I remembered a few thoughts that were prompted by spectators of the race today too:

Prompt #1 "Way to stay consistent"
Thought: Yeah you are right, I really shouldn't be so hard on myself

Prompt #2 "Get your breathing under control!!!" (I wheezed the entire race and you could hear it from a mile away)
Thought: This is short track you ding dong! Not happening....

Prompt #3 "Kathy you rock"
Thought: That is so nice of someone to say!

Prompt #4 "Way to stand up and get it done"
Thought: Oh my god if you only knew just how much this HURT!!

As for some good news, mom is feeling better and is working with a new doctor that is changing things up so that she hopefully won't get the infection back for a 6th time. I am psyched that we finally were able to get this doctor to help mom out. She is still in the hospital but sounds a ton better than she did on Wednesday night, that is for sure. She is trying to eat more than the 200 calories per day she had been eating and is getting hydrated by IV's. This isn't the easiest time in my life or hers but somehow we are both afloat.

Ok, XC tomorrow at 1:45pm. Nighty night.

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DC said...

You do rock! Hope the XC wasn't a traffic jam out there, hope you post about it.