Friday, August 7, 2009

Mount Snow, VT Pre - Ride

Ever raced Mount Snow before? I have raced this place in shin deep runny mud, peanut butter mud that clogs the bike and have also had the luxury of racing it “dry” too. Not ever dry compared to Utah standards though!

The course has been the same for years and years but this year it is tad different. Still the same start loop but after you cross the feed zone, you turn right and head up a hill that is probably 15% at least. That replaced the thick wooded singletrack that was barely ridable when it was dry. From there, at a lower point than in years past we head up the same dirt road where people are always playing drums. At that point it is the same except for the fact that they definitely cut off the top part of the climb this year.

From the new top you descend the extremely rooty and rocky singletrack. As I was descending the trail for the first time I realized that it had been 2 years since I have ridden stuff like this since last year I was broken for this race and did not race. I was definitely rusty out there today!

When I turned around to redo a section I was simply astounded at what I and everyone had just come down. It looked crazy to me and I had to take a double take. I think next time I feel like I suck on a section I ought to give myself a pat on the back instead. That is nuts looking although it was completely harmless.

If someone said you will ride down this one day I would have never agreed, but it is completely doable.....if you pick the right line that is.

Some of the sections on the course our team likened to a game of Plinko where you just go in with speed and hope for the best as your front tire bounces off the rocks that are spaced randomly enough so that there is no possible line. There is no real line through this section so this is a good method of hoping that speed and some balance will get you through. We deemed this as the “Plinko section.”

4 laps tomorrow for the women should take around 2 hours.

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