Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Windham, NY Pre-Ride

I would have to say that things are pretty dry around here by east coast standards (not Utah standards at all!!). It is kind of funny because most the course is "dry" and then you hit the one mud bog that is totally unavoidable and you are suddenly covered with mud and hay. I came back from pre-riding and my team asked how it was and I said dry and they just looked at me weird because I was covered in mud but reallyit is dry!!

I am going to have to remember this swinging chairlift during the race as it sits right off the course. A girl could use a little rest in the middle of the race!!

The course certainly doesn't climb as high as it did last year but it does have just as many fun sections with man made bridges and rock gardens and really darn good singletrack. This is a place you would want to ride for fun indeed.

So the big thing for me today was seeking out the place I broke my hand and I think I found it. This is the section I am pretty sure. It looks like straight singletrack there but the entrance to it is steep and rough and makes a turn right before it straightens. I washed out there and stuck my hand out to catch myself in the gap on the left.

These rocks are the reason my hand exploded. I told everyone that I heard a snap and I was pretty sure there were no sticks around!!! I was right!

So instead of being intimidated by this section, I decided to show it who is boss by marking my territory. That is right. I am in charge here! : )

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