Saturday, October 31, 2009

No Boulder, CO

I got all packed, the car packed and everything all ready to rumble down good ole I -80 yesterday for the Boulder, CO cyclocross races but the weather had way different plans for me.

I -80 was closed due to snow and high wind yesterday and actually still is today! Ok, I can take a hint already. I won't go to Boulder.

Yeah I could have gone I-70 but that is a longer drive (10 hours) and Vail pass even got hit lightly too. And if I am going to drive 10 hours, I am heading to the beach!!! It is only about 7 hours going on 80 to Boulder.

So I stayed home and ended up just riding and not racing. Chris, Chad and I hit Dutch Hollow Trails today. Dang it was nice out here! Amazing weather on Halloween in the Wasatch.

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Anonymous said...

Well we missed you there in Colorado... Cold, mud, sand and all.. Only Two of the ugys form CotBR made it through. I flew in Friday night. I have pics if you fell like seeing what you missed. I've also have shots from most of the UTCX season as well. Good to hear things are looking up for you. Best of luck going forward. Oh the "boys" were issuing the call out for you in Ogden last time... Heber too for states. Everyone kinda wondered to where you had disappeared.