Monday, December 14, 2009

Heading Home

After going to Trader Joes in Bend (YES!!!) I decided to do the full circle car tour and go on US 26 to Portland this time. What a gorgeous drive!

Everything on the drive at first started out sunny and dry.

But it all changed at about one particular mile marker as you started to ascend into the depths of winter.

It was no different than going the other way other than it was a tad faster.

I passed another resort that my family checked out way back when, called Kah-nee-tah. Good memories there too. And again, I had no idea where it actually was in Oregon, I just knew we went there for a family vacation a few times when I was a kid. It was fun to think about as I drove by the turn off for it.

I also passed the road to Timberline Lodge. That is where my parents spent their honeymoon after getting married in WA. I was tempted to go have a peak at it but I didn't know how good or bad the roads would be going to it so I left that journey for another day.

My uncle actually recounted a funny story to everyone at my mom and dads Memorial Service in November about their honeymoon. Apparently my parents headed off in the car from the church they were married in and my dad forgot his wallet!!! He had left it with my Uncle and had forgotten to retrieve it as planned before leaving on his honeymoon. And back in the 50's there were no credit cards! Knowing that it was imperative my dad got his wallet before heading to Timberline Lodge my Uncle went to great lengths to get the wallet back to him, which he somehow and someway did. A cute little story I thought I would share here, one in which made me smile big upon remembering it as I drove by headed for the airport.

I am glad I went 2 different ways getting to Bend and then leaving Bend - it has served as some WONDERFUL vivid memories of how lucky I was to have my parents as my parents! God bless them both.

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