Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Moving Day!!

Well so much for racing in that first national mountain bike race in Fontana, CA. It was moving day instead!! Yep, we got the house finally finally finally!!! And we sold our house we had been in for 12 years too. After all this time (many months) it came down to one closing day for both selling our place and buying the new one. Now that is timing.

As if things weren't nutty enough, along with us moving into the new place that weekend we were also holding an estate sale for all my parents stuff in WA. It was a huge weekend of so many mixed emotions both good (new house) and bad (knowing my parents livelihood was being liquidated). Both events were successful though.

So we are officially in and loving it. See picture gallery here of foreclosed wonder that we snatched up from the bank. We have been waiting for this opportunity for years to get the house we were truly after.

View off deck:


We have seen moose already!!!

Taken from side of house

2 Elk just outside the house!

More deck views

More views from deck

Closing Day

Moving 12 years worth of stuff is real super fun let me tell you.

Back of house

other kitchen



Living Room/Kitchen

So...yeah, this is why I fell off the face of the earth - packing, unpacking, changing addresses, etc. More updates to come!


Utah Mnt biker said...

Where's the hot-tub?

Krista Park said...


Jube said...

The new house looks great! Congratulations to you both.