Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Santa Barbara - Lake Mohave - Utah

After racing outside of Palm Desert at the Idyllwild Challenge we headed back to Santa Barbara to do those things that we wanted to do but hadn't yet.

But do remind me to never go wine tasting and then go home and make a pot of tea. I poured boiling water down my leg and literally watched the skin melt. It hurt soooooo bad for a few hours at least. No pain threshold for 2nd degree burns apparently. OUCHY.

Training on some easy to find steep a$$ hills in Santa Barbara.

Ok, so the views were worth it.

Headed to Thousand Oaks for a day of mtbing and a nice dinner with friends. In pic: me, Meg, and Chris. Yes.......Chris rode his bike!! I was actually able to tear him away from Kitesurfing for one day.

Ok, so the non water sports thing didn't last long for Chris. A whole day in fact. That next day we headed to our cousins house on Lake Mohave on the way back to Utah. Thought it would be a good halfway mark on the way home to rest and relax for a night. And it was! Sometimes I think the best part of this job is getting to see family that you may not see as often if you weren't tootling around to all the nooks and crannies of the country racing your bike.

Chris water skiing for the first time in quite a while......

Chris cruising on the Kiteboard behind the boat.

Chris getting some air while Kiteboarding!!

Chris doing his thang that he loves so much!
Later that day we drove up to St. George and got a bit of a ride in to stretch the legs before heading home. For Chris is was a big day as this was the 4th sport that he did! He is nuts. For me if you call sunning yourself on the boat and holding the flag up when someone falls in the water a sport then it was my 3rd sport of the day. Ha!!

We ran across this little guy in St. George.

LOVE turtles. He was getting his singletrack today too.

Holy cow I got Chris on his bike AGAIN. What is the world coming to?!

After the ride, we got some grub and boogied back to our new home that we pretty much purchased, lived in for 2 weeks and then left for 5 weeks. Was it really going to feel like home?? Kind of a weird scenerio really.

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