Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1 Year Anniv of Mom

Dad had this painting made of mom when he was serving his country in Germany after being drafted out of college.

Today is the day one year ago when we watched my mom pass away in front of our eyes only 20 minutes after getting her home. Knowing this day was coming has been hard and its been on my mind for weeks. Just remembering the pain of that day, leading up to that day and beyond is excruciating. But mom, god bless her, found her way into the next world on her own terms. All the way up to the end she was able to make decisions on her own. What a strong lady!! With that, a bit of a tribute to mom because she deserves it.

One year ago today we lost a women WHO:

....appreciated everything you did for her
....would do anything for someone else
....was kind enough to pay for a surprise latte to give to the serviceman behind her at Starbucks to say "Thanks" (she always did this!!)
....would did her best to "Forgive and Forget"
....would hold a door open for you even though she was ready to fall over with stuff in her own hands
....would donate $, goods or time if she could
....would pick up something a stranger dropped, without hesitation in order to help them
....would always follow the rules
....would NEVER lie or even fib for that matter
....was involved in many community efforts
....did her best to keep smiling
....would come to your aid at anytime, anywhere, no matter what the price
....was thankful for everything she had including friends and family
....was strong willed
....cared selflessly for my dad until the end
....wouldn't hurt a fly
....was duty bound
....tried not to pass judgement
....lived her life knowing where she wanted to be in the end (with god)
....fought arthritis and infections to until the very death of her.

Mom you were so strong, generous and kind. I was so lucky to have you as long as I did - you were the BEST role model I could have ever asked for!!! Thank You!! Thank You! Thank You for being in my life!

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Sandy said...

Well said Kathy! I would also add that she could do practically anything that needed doing from building something using her skill saw to putting on a dinner party for 40 people to writing a persuasive letter to a senator! A TRUELY amazing woman! A teacher in every way.