Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mid Week Race Series - Heber City, UT

I can't even tell you how excited I was to race tonight!! Not only was it local, it was the first cross training race of the season. Time to get the ole rusty bike skills back on par in addition to racing the cross bike at full speed!

The course was pretty darn fun consisting of a barrier section (where people needed to be reminded that they were supposed to go OVER, not around - I love it!!!), some of the tightest turns I have ever dealt with on a cross bike and a nice little quick run up where once you got to the "top", it was still going up. Can you say red red RED REDLINE on that one, especially this early in the season! Definitely tasted my dinner again on that one a few times. Luckily after that part there was a quick downhill that you could descend cross eyed and at least recover 1 or 2 heart beats on. Oh, lucky us! : ) Then on and into the twisty singletrack with the sun setting directly in your face. You like riding blind around corners while trying to keep up your speed? Then that was the place for you. It is amazing what the mind remembers from the first lap when you were actually able to SEE what you were riding on in that section. I just pedaled and prayed in that part in the final laps!!

A solid 45min later I was left with almost 800 calories burned, a dry mouth, tight lungs and soreness already settling in. It is always nice to get that first race out of the way but this time that first race just plain felt good (in a sick and wrong way of course). The guys all kept me on my toes as I was expecting and thank heavens for that. Nothing like the drive of someone on your wheel to keep you pedaling hard to try and shake em. Racing on the rivet was just what I needed!! And oddly enough there were moments in the fury, craziness, pain and competitiveness where I felt an absolute calm - something I haven't had happen in a long time. It was a wild experience to feel the mind connected to the body in that moment. It was probably the highlight of the race and I will certainly be working on having more of those moments!

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