Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dam Cross Race #2 - LA, CA

Another beautiful day in CA to race bikes!! And again it was Sue and myself establishing a bit a gap off the front from the rest of the field although no one goes down without a fight at any race!

Today in warm up I could feel the hemo tomato in my arm but only when I went to brake and only when the course was a bit bumpy which it certainly had sections of. But anytime I pulled the brake lever I felt like I had no power because I immediately wanted to let go because of the pain involved with braking. Ok, guess I won't be using the brake much then! Problem solved.

There was one time because of the pain in my arm going across the really bumpy section that my hand actually fell off the handlebars! It was a super BAD place for that to happen and I really cannot believe I kept it upright at race pace, while hitting huge bumps and guiding the bike thru everything with one hand on the bars. I think I was a lucky ducky there.

When it was all said and done, Sue took another win and I doubled up for another 2nd place. It was a good weekend for the Hudz-Vist Subaru team!!

Remounting over the barriers

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