Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Santa Barbara

Because I hadn't travelled every single weekend the last 5 weeks to WA, KY, CO, CA and back to CO, we decided to head to Santa Barbara for Thanksgiving. I mean really, do you have a house to live in? I think that may be over rated, plus we have super good friends, Kristin and Eric who live in SB and we love seeing them!!

As if the company, the weather and everything else wasn't already great in SB, on one of my training rides I saw a baby bobcat! I was cruising along on my cross bike on some trails when all of the sudden this what I thought was massive house cat started running down the trail in front of me. Then I figured out that is no massive house cat! That's a bobcat!

And upon acknowledging that fact, within a blink of an eye I had dismounted, turned the bike and heading away from the bobcat. I went the other way to the street and to my surprise when I looked back up at the trail he had been on, he was still on it, only further down now and stalking out his meal. It was amazing to see all that especially in a local Santa Barbara and very populated neighborhood!

The training over the week was great though and getting away allowing the body to recoup some was a nice benefit although during the car ride on the way out my legs thought differently. On the way out my legs were not happy campers. They were achy and fussy and it felt like I had restless leg syndrome while my hubby drove. I was a squirmy mess the whole way which I have never experienced. It was all the racing and travel I am sure of it. Luckily there is a GREAT massage therapist in Santa Barbara who has tons of experience working with Pro Cyclists and he got me in. That did wonders as I was a new person the next day.

Santa Barbara was a blast but immediately upon the close of our quick vacation I had a few days to turn it all around and head up to Portland and Bend, OR for the next 11 days for the final races of the series and year.

A view of the Pacific Ocean out of SB

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