Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Andalucia MTB Stage Race - Final Days/Thoughts

After Jenny and I parted ways Chris and I headed to Malaga, Spain which is like the “South Beach , FL of Spain.  Malaga sits on the Mediterranean and there were beaches, restaurants and plenty of shopping although they were in the off season. This cute neighborhood was right by our hotel along with tons a wild green parrots!

Grilled Sardines seem to be all rave here and there were several places such as this grilling them whole.

Chis and I found a  Paella restaurant and became repeat offenders there getting different Paella each night!

It was so fresh that I thought it was going to crawl off the pan!

Fresh olives (I've only had canned!) were served prior to our meal. 
Thank you to the race organizers:  This was by far the best experience I have ever had on a bike.  I didn’t know what to expect as I was a first time Stage racer and I was extremely pleased with everything from the organization, the stages and the way everything was run.  The organizers were some of the nicest people you will ever meet and were EXTREMELY invested in the international athletes making sure that everything and everyone was going to be ok.  In addition, the media coverage was AMAZING.  The amount of interviews we had, footage taken and pictures snapped was unbelievable.  I could go as far as saying not a moment was missed. 

As for Jenny:  Thanks for choosing ME!!  She was there for me through thick and thin and is one of the strongest athletes both physically and mentally I have ever met.  Did I mention she climbs like a mountain goat?  The laughs we shared each night after the lights went out recounting a ridiculous situation will not be forgotten.

And my husband who somehow found his way to the various feed zones in the middle of Spain when he could.  It was so wonderful to see your smiling face while helping us out as we hammered towards the finish line.  There is nothing like a pick me up such as that just when you need it the most!!  Thanks for your endless support while you help me pursue my passion. 

And to all the people that became part of my world while I was there, through the thick and thin, THANK YOU.  The passion we share for the love of mtb racing is such an amazing thing!!!

And last but not least to my Sponsors:  ‎6 days, 313 miles, 39,000 + feet of climbing and I had NO MECHANICALS.  A HUGE thanks to Stans NoTubes for supplying me with the super sturdy 29r Crest Rims, Orbea (Alma 29r) for a smooth ride, Sixty-Five.12 out of Durango, Schwalbe Tires for getting me down the hills in one piece, Ergon for happy hands, Rotor, Genuine Innovations for PINK air, Sram for flawless shifting, Crankbrothers, and Verge for all the must needed clothing!! 

 Needless to say, you don’t even have to ask me - OF COURSE I would do this again!!

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