Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Santa Barbara Living

I ran into some very friendly Peacocks on my ride

Every year I think I start this paragraph out the same way…..we are so lucky to have such GREAT friends in SB who open their doors to us allowing us to stay in their home.   We have come out to their house every year right after Sea Otter in order to get away from the mud season in Utah, see friends, hang at the ocean, ride to our hearts content in the sun and get some great sea level training in.  When the sun comes out and starts baking the mountains of Utah is when we return.   We love this open ended journey every year and feel extremely lucky to even have this wonderful option each year!!

A view of the Pacific Ocean

It was downright AWESOME there too with the May weather, the posse of friends, the riding, shopping, dining, nights with wine flowing and just simply….the environment.   We feel so lucky to be able to visit old friends there and to have also made so many wonderful friends that we keep adding to every year.  It’s almost another home away from home now. 

We love this place!

This is the time of year that I just don’t want to end but sadly it has to as all good things do.  That said, thanks Eric and Kristin for another GREAT GREAT GREAT time in Santa Barbara.  We will miss ya and we can’t thank you enough!!

Chris's hang out for most of May while he Kiteboards
If there is a snake to be seen, I am always the one to see it

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