Thursday, March 27, 2008

Leg #1 - St .George, UT

After just under 4 hours of driving and no music (my choice.. but really??.... what was I thinking about the whole way I have to ask myself......see folks this is how I can ride the trainer for hours on end no problem. It is quite the talent to zone out for that long if I do say so myself) I made it safe and sound to St. George, UT where I got in a pretty ok mtb ride at Churchrock.

I say it was only ok cuz the there were few long sand pit sections that were kind of annoying (and they are only going to get longer as things continue to dry out) and I had to go back to the car mid ride to unplug my refrigerator. Yes, you read it correctly. My refrigerator. It plugs into the car cigarette lighter (has anyone ever used the "cigarette lighter" for what it is actually intended for?). Anyway, so that kind of threw things off a bit because I didn't want the car battery to die on me. That would have sucked.

Once done riding I headed over to a local racer Danny, his wife Kim, and kids place. They even made dinner for me and had it waiting when I walked in the door! That was nice since I told them that I a self sufficient traveler and they don't need to lift a finger for me. And then their 6 year old daughter Cameron gave up her princess bedroom for the night for me too. Felt like a Queen I tell you. Me, queen? Not.

And now as I sit here procrastinating the rest of the drive (5 Hours) to Fontucky I get to listen to this guy whistling at me. At least it is the weee - whooo (your hot!) whistle eh?

And on that note my friends I have to git r done and git on the road. By for now.

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