Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Yep, not only my favorite movie but also my life. As if enough wasn't going on with the move from South SB to North SB, Chris had to catch a flight back to Utah so he could finish up some work details. Then I was on my way to the gym and for a ride which was great. First, the gym.........let me tell you those guys at Platinum Fitness Performance here in Santa Barbara are wonderful. They let me in to do my thing and were very understanding as to what life is like on the road with trying to maintain your hard earned fitness. It was cool too because most of the people in there had just gotten done doing a Marathon or was a Pro this or a Pro that. Great place and real good people. After the gym was some cycling where I actually saw more than one cyclist like I would in Heber. Nice to see that cycling is huge here. After cycling there was some of this (see pic):

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