Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Training in the Dark?

I asked myself how I got to this point today of having to end my training in the dark. How did I let the day go? Was it that I got so obsessed with finding internet or was it moving and feeling a bit out of sorts. Maybe it was all the above as this is how the day went:

-Get up groggily at 9am at new house.
-Find mug for coffee in box.

-Settle for (plastic) spoon for oatmeal after looking for normal spoon.
-Take and make phone calls.
-Freak out that there is no wireless to poach in the area.
-Freak out some more that my back up Verizon wireless card won't work because cell phone reception is too spotty at the new place.

-Pack everything up and let my nose lead me to the land of wireless at a Starbucks that I saw last year here but never went to.
-Drove right to it with no directions, just sense.
-Set up camp in Starbucks and get really perturbed that my (now) stupid so called "free" wireless card defaults to the "have to pay" T-Mobile service.

-What the heck?!!

-I am out of there but get an Americano because I really think am going to need it today.

-Drive across town.
-Go to my buddies vacant old house where I know I have cell phone reception and some wireless poaching capabilities.
-Get there and no poaching wireless band available. Where did that band go?????
-Get on the ever so slow Verizon wireless card and get some stuff done but everything is taking 10 years.

-Make some more calls.

-Need to train.
-IDEA! Buddies have their own wireless at old house still connected but I don't have code.
-Try to find code on my currently slow network.

-Takes forever and then code doesn't work.
-Ready to throw the computer.
-I probably should just go train.
-And behold the arrival of the homeowner and computer goo-roo at his lunchtime to pack and oh Kathy with the code issue. Darn visitors. :)
-Saved!!! and on the computer for HOURS and HOURS.
-Hungry...need food but at vacant house sitting on an upside garbage can as a make shift seat.

-Find food in really scary places because I can't leave now.......I have a FAST wireless connection.
-Should really think about training.
-Stomach grumbles for the millionth time.
-Why didn't I bring any food with me?
-Ok time to go even though still have tons to do.
-Pack the rest of my stuff out of the old house.
-Pack some of their stuff too because its the least I can do.
-Ok, off to Trader Joes to get a sandwich.
-Well........while I am there I should think about recovery food for after my ride, yah, and maybe dinner too and, yah, for that matter breakfast tomorrow. Good god women!!
-Great, a one minute grab a sandwich turns into a $30 spree and too much time at TJ.
-Deal with SB traffic because now its like almost rush hour. Lovely.
-Get to their new place and fumble bumble with keys and locks.

-I am a fumble bumble.

-Unload fully packed car.

-Fill water bottles....getting closer to that training ride.

-Ready to go but.......

-Decide I need warmer gear because sun is going down.

-Get out FINALLY at about 5:15ish for a 2.5 hour ride.
-What a moron, dealing with traffic on my bike and then having to deal with the dark.

NOTE TO SELF: You are not in Heber where you can ride freely for hours upon hours without stopping. There are such things as stoplights and since I stop my timer every time I hit a stoplight its going to take LONGER to ride 2.5. Try 3.
And that my friends is how I ended up riding in the dark.
Because I was in the dark ALL DAY.

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UtRider said...

Yeah, riding in the big city is a trial of patience. I moved from Payson to Riverton last year and still haven't adjusted...