Friday, May 4, 2007

Leaving SB

After 3 weeks in Santa Barbara at our friends, Kristin and Eric's house, we are off to Fontana, CA which is only supposed to be 2.5 hours away according to good ole mapquest. Yeah right. If there is NO stinking traffic maybe. This is the sight we saw almost the entire way down 101:
Sweet hugh? We got so stuck in traffic that Chris and I had the fullest and most painful bladders that we have ever had in our life. The one place we stopped at and went running up to.....locked doors. All I will say is that that some of their trees may live and others might not.
We will certainly miss everybody in Santa Barbara. Kristin and Eric have some great friends who opened their arms to us and treated us to many fun evenings, dinners, tons of laughs, bbqs, etc. We had such a great time there thanks to all of them and of course thanks to Kristin and Eric who had to move into their first home together............with us. I bet they never dreamt of that when envisioning buying a new house. Never the less , they were nothing but hospitable and bent over backwards for us in every way.

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Uncle Kind's Nephew said...

we will miss you 2, although it does smell much better around here now ;-)