Friday, May 4, 2007

NMBS #3 - Super D

Chris (blue shirt) came in 3rd tonight!!!! After what he says was "...bobbling around like an idiot, dropping my chain and crashing I still managed to SOMEHOW come in 3rd."

But I can answer the question on how he SOMEHOW managed to come in 3rd. It's because he has the talent and is a great downhiller.

After racing the Mountain Cross qualifiers, Brad Newby out of St. George, Utah came in 5th in the Super D! Nice work guys!!

BTW- what's in that guys duffle anyway?


Utah Mnt biker said...

In the duffle? A body. It is Cali after all.

BN said...

Thanks for keeping tabs, I wish I could of been there to shake hands with the men. After I crossed the line I promptly headed over to the finish line of the 4X and much to my surprise I had quilified! That was the worst quilifing run of my life:^( So I quickly changed, because you can't race gravity events in tights unless your really good. Put on the full face and all the armor, barely made it to the start and finished eighth after a awesome crash. Ya, bike racing is fun:)