Thursday, May 24, 2007

Went Clubbing Today

Yeah, at the COUNTRY CLUB with my parents 80 year old funny as a crutch friends. Did you guys really think that I went clubbing clubbing? Nope. Not me. We sat outside overlooking the glassy lake with the blue sky and evergreens as a back drop. Good stuff.

Afterwards it was time to get my bike out of the cardboard box that I sent it up to WA in and get it assembled. I don't really like using cardboard but it was the best option at the time in UT when I was packing it. And I think I figured out why I don't use card board........the rear wheel got bent in transit. Thought I had it working then it would go weird again on me. And of course just when I am ready to fling my leg over the bike and head out on my ride because I think its all set, the wheel is stuck and won't move again. Guess I can throw my bike knowledge out the window because I managed to fix nothing.

So I headed to the local bike shop called Bike Tech where they took care of me immediately. How cool is that? While waiting for the wheel to get true among others things I did my part for them and convinced a little girl that she needed bike shoes and a water bottle after she had asked me in an appalled manner what kind of outfit I was wearing?? Talked another guy into racing and convinced him that he wouldn't know how he was going to do unless he tried. You apparently become the go to person and get lots of questions in these parts when you show up to a bike shop in your team kit.

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