Friday, May 25, 2007

Bone Head of the Year Award

And the award goes toooooooooooo "Kathy!!!!!"

Do you know why? Well, maybe it's because I registered for a race that I planned on doing tomorrow in WA .................but the race actually took place already LAST WEEKEND. Oops. I guess I appear as a DNS on those results.

Ya, so I am fueling up and drinking lots of liquid today and was getting ready to go pick up my race number tonight and decide to give the race headquarters # a call to see if the # pick up/sign in times changed at all. Well, luckily I did because they were like "um....well....yah....there was bike race LAST weekend and we kind of ......don't really know about a race tomorrow.....are you sure??" So yep, low and behold....I look down at my notes while still on the phone and boom it appears like it was highlighted in front of me "May 19-20". You are freaking kidding me right? Nope.

Try telling your coach, your family who was going to attend and switched up their whole weekend based on me racing that ......uh ......yah.....that race kind of already took place. I am STILL shaking my head on this one. Did I mention that I was busy as heck before when I signed up for this race? Wow-that is bad.

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UtRider said...

I have a friend who, while working on his PhD at Vanderbuilt a few years ago, registered for a conference in Colorado. Upon arriving for the first days' sessions he found the facilities empty. The problem? The conference was scheduled for the following week! Luckily he had family nearby and hung out with them for a week.