Saturday, June 30, 2007

Day 7 - North Pole

We had to move out of host housing in St. Prime, Quebec and move into the place that we are renting in St. Felicien. Months ago I asked for a 2 bedroom chalet with a kitchenette and was told "pas de probleme"(no problem) and then when we get here we find that we will be "dans la maison avec un homme et deux femmes" (in a house with a man and 2 women). Say what? What happened to my chalet with kitchenette that I booked? Whatever. I am not in the mood to quibble.

So a chaperon from the race organization drove us over to the house which is situated in a neighborhood in St. Felicien. Apparently St. Felicien does not have enough accommodations for the World Cup rif raf so they had to ask their citizens to open their doors. Bottom line is that there is no chalet and we have rooms in a home with the owner still here and 2 other girls. One of the girls goes to school and rents permanently from this guy and the other girl is Laurence Leboucher who will be racing in the World Cup. Ever heard of her? Well she would be a 2 time World Cyclocross Champion and current MTB French National Champion. She is really slow (not!!). She is the one that tried to work Katie Compton (USA) over with her teammate at the Cyclocross World Championship this year. Katie ended up 2nd, Laurence 3rd and Laurence's teammate-1st. She is hilarious actually and has a tendency to say "dat is sheet" all the time about everything which has us rolling with laughter! She has a great personality and she will be regretting that she asked us to come stay with her in France. Of course, when do we really have time for that?

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