Saturday, June 30, 2007

Day 7.5 - North Pole Race Course

Not that I really thought I wouldn't (there was some doubt for sure) but I am planning on racing tomorrow. My rib feels better although sleeping will be tough for a while. We will see how things hold up in the race although I am hoping for the best. Getting out on the course for the first time yesterday was a good experience rib wise. Not much pain. But if I hit it just right - oh man its like knife is going into me. I am afraid too that there are enough roots on the course that I will not be hitting it "just right" a lot tomorrow. As if racing by itself doesn't hurt enough without dealing with that too. Ah well. Such is life and I am not on my deathbed so I will race.

For those of you that are interested..... the race course is AWESOME and so fun which I will need to remind myself that I said when I am pinned tomorrow. There are banked turns, bridges, rock formations to go over, tunnels, etc. It's like a fun park. It is a 6.2 k loop that turns on itself over and over again at a small ski area 15 minutes outside of St. Felicien. There are many slick roots and ruts along with rocks of course too throughout the loop. That said, there are also super fast banked hard packed sandy sections. Super fun. The lushness, roots, dark mud and wetness remind me of West Virginia NORBA course without all the rain. On that note, it has rained on and off up here all week though and I think for tomorrow its a 60% chance and 13 C. Whatever-my only job is to race, rain or shine. We just got back from the managers meeting and the ladies will be doing 5 laps plus a longer than normal start loop. Gonna be a long hard day in the saddle. Need to go sharpen my elbows......

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