Saturday, June 16, 2007

NMBS #4 - Mens Expert Open Super D

I just got this picture of our buddy Jen and Chris right after his Super D race on Friday. Nice swollen nose Chris. Owe.

Last year Chris won this Super D race but this year something grabbed his tire while he was big ringing it down the mountain. After a blow to the sternum by his his bike stem, flipping over the bike landing head first in the bushes and thinking he broke both his nose and a rib he was able to gain his composure enough to get up and go again to come in 14th out of 25 or so men. Since every second counts in a race that is 9 minutes that was an impressive result!! I still don't know how he got up and navigated down the rest of the dh with crooked handlebars too. I guess the Sherwins like suffering or something. Shocker hugh?

1 comment:

chris said...

Ha ha ha! The perfect compliment to a shit eating grin.....Dirt! Good work Chris!

C at BC