Friday, June 15, 2007

NMBS Kickoff Party

The Young Riders NORBA Kickoff Party at Squatters Pub Brewery went really well last night. Lots of people, great food, awesome raffle prizes and tons of autograph signings. Think my hand is going to fall off. There were a hand full of Pros there to sign their life away which was great to see. But I will tell you....have swag and kids will come. Oh man they like free stuff. What a great buzz there was last night! Nice work to everyone involved from the chefs, to the organizers, to those that donated incredible swag!

I have got to say though that for me signing stuff is so surreal. It wasn't that long ago that I sat in my office at Deer Valley Resort plugging away at Human Resources work only to look up and see signed posters, "baseball" cards, postcards, etc of the Luna team, the Trek/VW Team, the Haro team, DH ers, etc. on my office wall. I didn't even know those people on my wall back then and now they are my competitors, acquaintances, my coach!, teammates and even my friends. Wow. Who ever would have thunk? I mean really?? At that stage I had no passion to do what I am doing now (cycling competitively) but I thought it would be cool if you could do it - you know? I never told myself that is what I want and that was what I am going to do though. How things change right?

It must have been seeing all the teams and riders come through Deer Valley Resort ever year that got me to do that first race in June of 2000. I had decided to join in the reindeer games as a Beginner racer which I most definitely was, having NEVER raced before. I would ride after work on the incredible singletrack that Deer Valley has and that was it. But, 0ne race = hooked.

And then fast forward to 2007 and I am signing autographs? Are you kidding me? Someone has to be. And now I have that opportunity to sit on someones wall and stare at them while they are at work plugging away? I only hope to get into their head subconsciously like all those posters and postcards did to me over the years in my office. Here is me last night on my way to getting into that subconscious:

Top 10 Reasons to race or get into cycling:

It's fun.

The people are sooooo cool.

You learn about yourself.

Your aren't old just because you are mid 30' fact you are in your prime.

You are surrounded by athletes and athletic minded people.

You now have something to do every weekend if you want.

You create and meet small goals all the time.

You burn soooo many calories.

You learn to push beyond what you ever thought was possible.

And the best only get faster, stronger, have more power, more endurance, more speed, etc. as you get older (if you train). Now THAT is cool.

See you at the races!


Kate said...

Awesome Kathy, I'm inspired! I found your blog through a random chain of blogs beginning with - I'm just getting into mtbiking and I am enthralled with the sport. I'm curious, how did you go from your first race to being a pro? What was your trajectory like as far as increasing your training, getting more and more into racing, eventually getting a coach, etc? Would love to read a post on that sometime if you feel like it!

Chris said...

Yo Kathy,

I am so happy for and proud of you for your big breakthrough this weekend. I know you hit the podium earlier in the short track but.... effingA girl!!! You have worked really hard and are so fun to work with you deserve alot more props than this lil' post. You and Chris make quite the team and I wish you guys all the best.

Chris at Binghams

Anonymous said...

Can I get your autograph? I know someone famous, I know someone famous. Yay for me!

Donna said...

By the way that anonymous comment was from me...I got carried away and hit the send button. I'm just so happy for you!

aracer said...

It couldn't of happened to a better person. Good luck and keep up the inspiring attitude!