Thursday, June 14, 2007


So I have been thinking about this whole home National race thing and I have decided that it is flat out weird. It's:

Weird having a big race at your back door.
Weird sleeping in your own bed each night.
Weird having the option to do errands and stuff.
Weird to think about going to your own gym.
Weird seeing all your competitors on your home course and home roads.
Weird hanging out at my own house each day.
Weird training on roads I know leading up to a big race.

It is just weird or did I not mention that before?

Usually there is such a build up of things like flying somewhere across the US for a race, renting a car, getting lost while trying to find your condo, building your bike up, stocking up the condo fridge, getting settled and unpacked, finding the course and venue, riding the course and figuring out race day logistics, etc........... but I don't have any of that going on right now which is sweet!

I am here and always was, I know where I am, I know the course and I even know where it is and how to get there. My bikes are built my fridge is stocked, I am really unpacked (so says the bedroom floor). All I really have to do is race. Wow what a concept!

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