Friday, June 22, 2007

Where Did the Day Go?

Why is pre-race day ALWAYS the same? How come you can never just get up, ride, go back to the hotel room and be done? Does that EVER happen? EVER? Maybe in your world but not in mine...that is for sure.

Today I think I burned every single favor that anyone and everyone has ever owed me, thought they owed me or never wanted to owe me. And the low down on the day-

Ride to venue (not far)
Register/Packet pick up
Beg every team and person for a feed tomorrow-find one....first favor burned
Find someone who will work on my tires.......second favor burned
Ride to hotel to get more bike parts
Ride back to venue (seems a little farther)
Get the right tires put on so Kathy won't go over the bars again..third favor burned
Beg someone for a brush to wash my bike with.....fourth favor burned
Wash bike
Return to hotel only to find that my brakes are rubbing probably from the crash yesterday
Talked to a mechanic at the hotel but he was having none of it.......fifth favor ALMOST burned
Ride back to venue again (getting annoyingly far now)
Beg every team, team manager and mechanic to find someone that can work on brakes-find one.......sixth favor burned.

I just have to say thank you to every single individual out there who made my life easier today by getting my bike in working order. From old friends, to old and current sponsors, to old team mechanics from years ago, soigneurs, etc who I know probably wanted to run the other way when they saw me coming but they didn't. It is those kinds of folks that make the world go round in the right way and it does not go unnoticed on my part. Thanks everyone!

Tomorrow = 11am back of the pack start. Sah-weet!!!

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Mother Theresa said...

No favors burned, it will come back around sometime. Kick some world cup a..