Friday, July 6, 2007

"Bones Like to Go Home"

said my Orthopedic Dr. in Salt Lake City as he SET my right rib cage back in its spot. Ugh. Actually it was pretty low impact compared to what it took to knock them out of joint in the Mont Sainte Anne World Cup on June 23rd.

I have been living with the snap, crackle, pops from my right cage, haven't been able to lay flat on my back or stomach, am having a tough time sleeping still and my cage just stinking hurts so first thing yesterday morning I called my Ortho guy. I never let things go and always want to know what I did for future reference even if its nothing. The second I get a problem I am in his office and am being sent back out with stretching techniques and various workouts to do. This is the reason I stretch for almost an hour everyday everybody!! All that stuff has added up over the years!!!

His office is always SO great at getting me an appt the same day I call despite that they are 2 weeks out. So in I went yesterday and my Ortho guy is used me saying "I hit a sign, I flipped over on my bike, my knee hurts, the tree didn't move, the handlebar went in to my gut, I skidded to a stop on my hip, something wrong with my ankle, yadda yadda yadda" so it came as no surprise when I told him about my crash in Mont Sainte Anne. After no xrays and lots of poking and prodding and lots of "does THIS hurt?"..........."for the love
of _ _ _ YES it DOES!!!!!", he told me my cage was out of its joints. Did you know you could even do that?? neither. I either thought they were broken or not. But I guess that's why my right cage was sticking out more than my left in the front-nasty looking. It had been pushed up and forward in the crash.

So I guess I have been wandering around the globe and racing in World Cups with a tweaked cage that was wrenching on my spine and throwing everything off. Geez I bet after I broke my saddle rail in the next World Cup in St. Felicien and my leg was hanging 3 inches down on the left my body was probably getting ready to spasm out! Or maybe that corrected it a bit? Ah who knows but I do know that my bones are now home.

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