Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Why Does Weird Stuff Happen To Me?

I got to go home today!! It's been two great weeks but I am outta here. I got some free miles from a very good friend and had to fly from Boston to San Francisco then SF to Utah. Can't beat free so I am not complaining at all EXCEPT that the already 6 hour flight from Boston to SF turned into an 8 hour flight. Like it wasn't long enough before!

We had to make a medical emergency landing in Lincoln, Nebraska for a very ill baby that had turned blue and wasn't able to breathe. When we landed there were about 10 fire trucks and medical police and it was a huge tuh-do. But prior to all this, the flight attendants were frantic trying to find a medical doctor on board which they found 2 of thank heavens. It's not so cool when you see panic in a flight attendants face because you are wondering just what in the heck is going on. Apparently this baby was 3 months old and had major medical problems when it was first born....ugh...yah....only 3 months ago. I let the flight attendants know that if they needed a 3rd hand that I was a FORMER emergency medical technician but things were under control at that point. Last we heard from the pilots, the baby was stable and in the hospital next to the Lincoln airport. Thank heavens.

After 14 hours of travel total I am HOME!!!!!!


Donna said...

Why am I not surprised? You have always had weird stuff happen to you!! I loved reading about your trip and rides. After that long journey hopefully you'll be able to get some rest! Donna

Utah Mnt biker said...

Why does weird stuff happen to you? Because you hang out with Pepe!