Monday, July 2, 2007

Thanks Saint Felicien

Here is the very French speaking owner of the home we stayed at in Saint Felicien for the weekend. He came out to cheer us on!
Gilles deserves a lot of credit for opening up his home to complete strangers for the weekend and we are forever grateful. Thanks Gilles!

On that note, I just have to say that Saint Felicien, Quebec BENT OVER BACKWARDS to put this World Cup on appropriately. I simply cannot believe the magnitude of the race that this quaint little French town had to put on with lack of a better terms....a huge lack in facilities. Simply amazing.

This gal, Manon, organized a TON of stuff for this event. If anyone is looking for someone who is just a flat out NICE person, with tons of attention to detail and a great personality too, Manon is your gal. She sought Sara and I out after the race at our car to ask how the race was and how we did. Who does that? But she truly wanted to know!

The crowd at Saint Felicien was awesome too. We had no idea how many or how few people may attend the World Cup but they stuffed themselves in the woods everywhere. It was fantastic. Kids running with you up steep sections, people screaming "aller"(go), l'age pas (don't give if I ever would!!! ha!).

The tent area was hilarious as well because as the women got done, the men were warming up for their race and people were standing outside the team tents several thick just watching and observing the guys on the trainers and rollers. The crowd was truly interested everything from the start to the finish. Great job to the town of Saint Felicien for putting on a HUGE event almost last minute. I KNOW the town wants it back and I wouldn't mind going back to the nicest town with the nicest people that I have ever been in. You all know who you are and thanks again for everything!

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Erwin and Connie said...

Good job for both bikers (Sara and Kathy). You were realy lucky Kathy, you could hit yourself very bad if the pin was going into your leg. It looks also very nice there.
Maybe if you had to Belgium you could have a better start place.
Next year?
We follow your blog every day.
Greatings from Belgium, Erwin and Connie