Monday, July 2, 2007

The Urban Assault Ride

Today Sara took me on what she calls the Urban Assault ride. It’s a ride that she does from her house near "Hah-verd" (Harvard) by bike through downtown Boston. And I will tell you what, I have never been more single handedly keenly aware of what was going on around me than during this ride. Lets just say that I am used to cow pastures, fields, long stretches of endless road, etc in Heber City, UT but it became clear really fast today that this ride was going to be the absolute opposite. Oh my gosh.

I am usually allowed to put my blinders up as I ride in Heber and really focus and in fact I am known to be one of those riders that doesn't see the view, doesn't see the poppies/flowers, doesn't see the deer in the meadow, etc. because my blinders are always up. But today was a totally different story.

From being freaked out of getting doored by the parked cars or hit by the moving cars I was a mess during this ride. There was so much going on while Sara dragged me around weaving in and out of traffic, hitting bike paths, going through lights, stopping, going, riding in the middle of the road, hitting the breaks suddenly, and just trying to tell what the car was going to do before it did it that it was quite the while knuckled experience for me for sure.

And I saw Sara in a whole new very down to bid-nuss light as well as she would yell "hey!!!! hey!!!" at the top of her lungs in an open window of a car that was moving into our lane and as she had a special "I am here" whistle that I have never heard before and then there was the sudden wave of her hand/arm trying to say "you better not even try that move in your car buddy". She was all bid-nuss as she led me around the downtown street of Buh-ston. To cap off the great experience of taking me way outside my comfort zone, we ended the ride at a local cafe near Hah-verd. Seeing Buh-sten on a bike was sweet and I would highly recommend Sara be your guide.

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