Thursday, July 12, 2007

I am Scared To Ask......What's Next??

So I am in the middle of a hard training session today in Heber, I get off my bike to pick up another water bottle, get back on and notice that my already cushy bike is like SUPER cushy when I jump back on. Ok.......what the heck is happening now? I get off the bike and investigate start pushing the wheel back and forth and pushing on the seat and finally notice that a small but very important bolt that essentially holds the frame together has fallen out. Great. Nothing like having a perfectly laid out training session where every minute I am supposed to be at a certain heart rate, power, cadence, etc. almost blown to pieces by something so dumb. I still had half of it to go too. My first thought was that I wasn't going to be getting in a full training session today but then that made it a challenge of course. And all bike racers like a challenge!

Dant dant na na - Chris to the rescue!!......

So my poor husband gets the frantic call with me breathless in between sets saying something like "bikes broken, bike at home, car, meet me". Luckily he could and he did. Not wanting to mess my intervals up I did an interval toward home hoping that the bike would stay in tact (which it did) and Chris drove like a mad man with my replacement bike ready to make the swap quick and easy. Talk about having a support Chris is the best. After it was all said and done, NOTHING got screwed up. And to think I almost just threw my hands up and almost canned the rest of my training for today. I guess a challenge is a challenge.

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