Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Rib Update

Yesterday was my first day of Physical Therapy for my ribs. The whole right cage has still been driving me insane physically and mentally of course too. I am able to ride, train and race which is more than a god send but the average everyday living is driving me crazy. And sleeping? Forget about it.

I got the good news/bad news scenario from the PT:
The good news - they are going to heal perfectly and once they do I will have no lasting side effects. I can ride, race and train but it will just put the healing time back some. That said, with the amount that I am on the bike I should be normal by 2008. Ha ha!

The bad news - its going to take forever to heal, at least 6-12 weeks.
The particular ribs I slammed into the ground in Quebec unfortunately don't have a ton of blood flow to them making it very difficult for the body to heal it. And that's where my daily visits to the PT come in for ice, heat, electric stim, ultrasound, etc. And I thought I didn't have time before all this happened! Yikes. No x-rays have been taken up to this point because I guess there is no point for the particular ribs I seemed to have damaged. And there isn't much you can do anyway if they were cracked. Ribs are weird.


Mother Theresa said...

Mmmmm,ribs....oops,oh HUMAN ribs, sorry a little sidetracked thinking about food!

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

my name is prime rib