Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ring Ring Ring Ring

I am sound asleep this morning and I wake up to the abrupt sound of my phone ringing at 7am. This can't be good. It is Sara at the Boston airport calling to tell me it looks like my fight for 11am has been cancelled. "WHAT????" I say as I sit straight up.

Thanks for the call US Airways - NOT. I called them immediately couldn't get through, called them back. "Oh yes mam, that flight has been cancelled and you have been re booked for the 7pm flight tonight." I don't think so!! After it was all said and done they were able to book me on an earlier flight than what I was already expecting this morning. That is when the fun began. I had to change my cab reservations and then start running around like a chicken with my head cut off to get stuff done, packed for good and to the darn airport!

Once in Charlotte, Sara and Blake Z (BZ) picked me up and it was at that moment that we all realized that none of us had any clue how to get to Banner Elk. Details details I tell you. So BZ breaks out his I-phone and gets on it:

We get here and are welcomed with buckets and buckets of rain. Yah, you wish you were here you KNOW it. That stream you see in the middle of the picture IS indeed water pouring off the roof of our condo.

The big topic of discussion tonight: Is it better to go out and spin for an hour and get wet and cold or is it better to stay at home and save the energy? Hmmm. Debatable.

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